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Printing Tips

I have been getting quiet a few questions lately about how to crop photos into the popular 8×10 and 11x14 sizes.  This can easily be done, but you lose some of the image.  This happens because most professional cameras are designed to imitate the original 35mm format, so your images are in a 2×3 ratio. This means that when you print any multiple of 2×3 you experience no image loss. So print away all the 4×6 and 8x12 and you will see the full image.  The problem begins when you found that perfect frame to match the nursery and it happens to be a 8×10…uh oh, that perfect close-up of the baby's face needs to be cropped!  As a photographer, I build in space for cropping in most images, but sometimes I can't resist a close-up of your little cutie.  I have put together a quick visual of where an image will be cropped in some of the more popular sizes.  I am always happy to help my clients with cropping and printing as the finished product is very important to me.